About Us

At Redlands Tree Service our staff are dedicated to providing you with expert, accurate and timely advice, customer service and tree care. Our clientele ranges from private residences, construction sites, commercial properties, Council parks, housing complex, golf courses, public and private schools and government departments.


Our Arborist, who is also the owner of the company has been working in the Arboriculture industry for 20 years and has the following qualifications and experience;


Diploma Arboriculture

ISA Certified Arborist 0046a

International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Qualification  

NRW Certificate in The QLD Regional Ecosystem Framework

EPA Certificate in Vegetation structure and Remnant Status


Relevant and Practical experience:

14 years as a practising Arborist in South East QLD

20 Years hands on experience in Urban Arboriculture

Professional affiliations:

Member of the QLD Arboriculture Association

Member of the International Society of Arboriculture

Out of our trained crew of 6, 4 are qualified arborists and 2 are currently undertaking an apprenticeship. Our team have ongoing training and a wide-ranging knowledge about the tree industry. We also have safe working practices at Redlands Tree Service to ensure that we will continue to deliver a professional and quality service.