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We are also a fire ant approved business, ARMP Number 5564

Biosecurity Instrument Permit - BIP-RIFA-160056


There are Australian Standards AS4454 2012 for composts, soil conditioners and mulches which are industry best practice and minimum requirements. This is a guideline for the basic standards you should look for. Most of the conditions were applied for the agricultural industry not specifically targeting trees but it covers all of the basics. These are pasteurization, particle size, aging, PH levels, water content by percentage and chemical tolerances. The product has to be pasteurized; this covers the elimination of any seeds and plant propagules from weed species that were in the original mulch if any at all. It also covers removal of any possible harmful bacteria or pathogens so it cannot be passed on to trees you are mulching. It covers the elimination and possible transfer of Fire ants as Fire Ants cannot live in those temperatures (important around Brisbane areas).

Soil without active micro-biology in a cycle is just dirt. The purpose of mulch in a garden setting is to provide the soil with composting matter.  Feed the soil that feeds the trees it is just that simple. When mulch is in the state of composting it is active and beneficial. The cycle of life within soil, starts with bacterial activity and works its way up the food chain to worms and arthropods.

Every step along the way composting mulch with the help from fungi and bacterial specialists breaks down and provides nutrients and minerals in a plant available form required for plant health and growth. The greater the diversity in soil biology the more specialists you have to supply their bio-products to the soil system.

We take mulch seriously using the same methodology every time. It is watered and turned for 3 months to insure it has been pasteurized and then it is reinoculated from a mother stock to increase biological activity. Our Bio-boost mulch is the only supply to Southbank Gardens and the Sleeman Sports Complex. If you have gardens you care about, try our product and notice the difference it can make.

Types of mulch we make and sell:


  • Advanced Bio Boost Mulch

  • Black Gold Advanced Compost

  • B Grade Re-vegetation Mulch


For further information or to arrange a free quote for mulch and delivery, please contact the office via phone or email.