Why Choose a Nest Box for your Tree?

Australia is currently experiencing a housing shortage, not only for people but for wildlife as well. Many animals like birds, possums and bats rely on tree hollows in which to breed and live, however trees with hollows are on the decline. Hollows only form in very old trees, and so with widespread clearing for farming, timber production or development many old trees are removed affecting a number of wildlife.

How Can You Help?

By Installing a nest box! Here at Redlands Tree Service we not only care for the wellbeing of trees and plants we also care for our native wildlife. That's why we would like to offer the extra option of installing one of these beautiful next boxes. All you need to do is choose the species you wish to have nesting in your garden then sit back and enjoy interacting with the wildlife once our team have installed the box for you.

Our Boxes


All our boxes are made by Hollow Homes. They are 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and Queensland Cypress. The recycled plastic is made up using a variety of plastic bags, milk bottles, plumbing pipes and lots more. HDPE is rigid, strength sheet that is UV stabilized and resistant to hot and cold temperatures. They are non-toxic and non-staining. The boxes are also termite resistant so no nasty chemicals are requied. Their life span is 30 years.   


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